Welcome to the GET WRITING website. We write about business within the framework of future technology. What's happening out there to improve our world?

What innovations are occurring across business and industry, and how is technology being introduced to the world? We write about the impact that technology is having within current trends. Everything from the Web, the Cloud, the Internet of Things, Science-Fiction even, especially how Hollywood likes to hide things that they know (that the general public doesn't know) - in Plain Sight!

This is more of a geek site with geek subject matter. With that in mind, there's a lot to consider and a lot to write about. Enjoy your stay, as we slowly build up our library of articles.

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March 13, 2018 - This is a list of stuff we do. work wise, and the tools that we use.
Microsoft Word - My Top 5 Rules
March 12, 2018 - We can thank the Internet for introducing the world to HTML, CSS and rigid coding practices for ensuring web documents go up online in an orderly manner. Why can't the same logic apply to Word documents? Here are my top 5 rules for working with MS Word.
Cloud Apps and Project Management Tools
March 12, 2018 - There are many Cloud based project management tools out there on the market. However, not all are designed equally. Your requirements and eventual acquisition may provide some interesting insights about your own business.
New Technology
March 12, 2018 - As a writer, there are many things that excite me, and when given the opportunity and the time, I will sit down and write about them. New technology is one of those areas.
About Us
March 12, 2018 - The dawn of the Internet Age kicked off in the early 90's. We are now over 25 years down the track, and technology has come on in leaps and bounds. The speed of progress is truly frightening. Are we in charge of a placid donkey or a bucking bronco with no sign of abating? You be the judge.


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