We’re all about informing the public of the world of computer security and privacy. How protecting your computer activity is now of vital importance.

Venturing out onto the Internet is not a matter of leaving the front door of your house open when you leave for work. Any Tom, Dick or Harriet could come waltzing through your property without your knowledge. The same applies to logging onto the Internet. You leave a trail so obvious, that knowledgeable people will know how to infiltrate without you being aware. It’s time to close the door on these super-snoops.

And that is case these days regarding technology, as unscrupulous tech companies take advantage of public ignorance. They increase their data trawling activity and fatten their wallets at the same time, usually at your expense.

GET Writing will do its part to better educate Internet Users on privacy and security matters. Never has there been a time in our modern history where this topic has been so important.

The head writer for this site is longtime Linux advocate and freelance author . George has written on many topics of interest, including sport, music, business and technology.

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