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As a writer, there are many things that excite me, and when given the opportunity and the time, I will sit down and write about them. New technology is one of those areas.

As much as Artificial Intelligence interests me, it also scares the hell out of me. Perhaps I've seen the first Terminator movie far too often, but when I think of AI, it always seems to point back to Cyberdine Systems. Already we've seen commentary from the likes of Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking about the dangers of AI upon Humanity. However, there are many other Technologists who pour cold water over their concerns. Mankind really must get over its arrogance about professing to know many things, when in reality it knows very little. Does the Game of Thrones phrase 'you know nothing Jon Snow' ring a bell?

As mentioned in one of my articles last year, the Internet is the next (or should I say - current) battleground for Humanity. Most of the world is on there, so what better medium is there for a captive audience? Terms such as 'influencers', media ratings and rankings, people's own self-importance and narcissism, as viewed on YouTube and Instagram. The world really is Looney Tunes for the most part.

The Chinese have a very interesting mind-set about how it wants its people to view the world, and it certainly isn't through the rose-tinted lenses of Western Society. To the rest of the world, China is looked upon as its own fishbowl; its own walled garden. My view is this: if China doesn't want to play with the rest of the world, perhaps it should build its own space vehicle and depart the planet and live out in the Cosmos in solitude and solidarity. See ya!

So, what's coming around the corner?

OK, for starters, we have driverless cars, and clever highways to cater for them. I can't quite get my head around no-one sitting in the drivers seat. And what then, are the liability clauses around car accidents, lest there be any? I refuse to believe that there won't be. Who takes the rap if no-one is sitting in the drivers seat?

Augmented Reality is another. As if reality isn't like some dreamstate already. Watching Donald Trump makes one think that way. But putting your head into a virtual reality environment, well that's going too far isn't it? Perhaps the visuals out of recent movies like Blade Runner 2049 or TV shows like Altered Carbon aren't so far off the mark after all.

Then there's synthetic food products like meat, which is manufactured without ever hurting a cow, pig or sheep. Yay to that. Maybe the vegetarians might be interested in adding to their dietary intake?

What I would like to see are new and innovative ways to clean up the environment. We're sort of seeing it already, with clean sustainable energy solutions making inroads to traditional fossil fuel dependency. The day when we're not digging up the ground will be a day that can't come soon enough.

I could talk about futuristic military applications and weapons, but I think that deserves an article all by itself.

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