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The dawn of the Internet Age kicked off in the early 90's. We are now over 25 years down the track, and technology has come on in leaps and bounds. It truly is a revelation to see how far humanity has come. The speed of progress is truly frightening. Are we in charge of a placid donkey or a bucking bronco with no sign of abating? You be the judge.

The Internet blew the doors wide open. Social media came along and separated the doors from its frame altogether. We've got fake news, artificial intelligence algorithms, the 'Internet of Things' which is inter-connecting anything and everything. We've got business which is becoming more automated by the day. Will there be jobs for workers to go to in a few years time? When does technology surpass humanity, and what will happen when it does? Does the 1984 Terminator movie sound familiar?

GET Writing will do its part to amuse Internet users on issues as described above, and what's in store for humanity into the near future. Never has there been a time in our modern history where things appear to be ramping up toward something significant, though at this point many of us are unsure what that might be.

This website is built using PHP Fusion CMS and Responsive HTML5 technologies. It is mostly used as a development and port-folio site while writing articles of interest at the same time.

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