EasyTAG (Audio Tag Manager for Linux)

An important part of managing audio files is through using tags. EasyTAG in Linux helps significantly with that task.

[In conjunction with the parent article: Linux Audio Tools.]

Tagging audio files may seem like a lot of work to many people. Especially those people who like to listen to music without doing any of the work associated with keeping the meta-data/file information correct. Tagging is initial done when ripping a folder from a CD, so getting it correct at the very outset would be nice, but this is not always the case.

To manage meta-data on albums within the Linux environment, a tool such as EasyTAG can easily help keep it altogether. By default, this is an application not installed on to Linux distros by default, so you’ll need to fire up Terminal, and install it manually, which is quick and painless:

sudo apt-get install easytag

The EasyTAG screen looks like this:

To use EasyTag, refer to my online video, which was easier to put together, rather than step it out in a series of written steps.

EasyTAG video example



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