PyRenamer (Linux File Renaming Tool)

PyRenamer is a Linux file re-naming utility which can used to adjust the naming convention to your desired choice.

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This can be achieved within each folder, and can be done for a single file, or for all files. Previously, I had used gpRenamer for many years until it started to misbehave on some of the later Ubuntu and Linux Mint distros.

To install:

sudo apt-get install pyrenamer

To use, open the application from: Menu > Accesssories. The screen will look something like this:

In this example, I have a music folder displayed, but I wish to change the filenames, by adding a dash between the track number, and the track title. For example:

<01 Going For The One.mp3> becomes <01 - Going For The One.mp3>

To do this, we click on the Insert/Delete tab:

  1. Highlight the file names we want changed.
  2. Insert a dash symbol and a space in the Insert field, the screen should look like this:

You can see here that the dash and the space are placed at the start of the filename. That’s because the position number in the Insert field (at) defaults to 1.

If you click on the up arrow ^, and click it to position 4, the dash and space will move to position 4 in the file name, as highlighted by the boxes drawn on the image below.

Click the Rename button to save.

There are many other examples of file renaming which can be achieved, such as:

  1. Convert Lowercase named files to First Letter Uppercase, such as (my file name.mp3 becomes My File Name.mp3)
  2. Replacing words, terms and phrases using the Substitution>Replace function, such as (replace Justin Bieber – 01 My Song Sucks.mp3 to 01 My Song Sucks.mp3). To do this, we replace Justin Bieber – with a blank field, stripping it out of the file name.

Those two are common ones, but there are many others.

All in all PyRenamer is a very flexible tool, and should be your No#1 ‘GoTo’ utility for file renaming in Linux.


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